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Enable VGNC xrefs for callithrix_jacchus and papio_anubis [release/99]

Marek Szuba requested to merge feature/vgnc_xrefs_r99 into release/99

Created by: mkszuba


Enable production of VGNC xrefs for additional two species: marmoset, olive baboon.

Use case

VGNC has recently begun to provide data for these species and have requested Ensembl to enable production of corresponding xrefs.


More VGNC xrefs in Ensembl.

Possible Drawbacks

Increased run time of the xref pipeline. That said, a single run of VGNCParser takes in the order of seconds so it will not be a large increase.


Have you added/modified unit tests to test the changes?


If so, do the tests pass/fail?


Have you run the entire test suite and no regression was detected?

Yes, no regression detected.

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