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JSON-formatted web_data

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Created by: james-monkeyshines

Changes have already been approved and merged on release/100 branch (, this replicates them on master.


Storing web_data as a flattened Perl hash is cumbersome, and, as it turns out, unnecessary - it's required by the webcode, but it is converted into JSON for processing. So we can make everone's lives easier by storing it as JSON in the first place. (cf.

Use case

The main use case is for the webcode to retrieve the web_data in order to determine how to display a track. Setting the web_data field via the API is uncommon, but might occasionally be necessary.


The web_data field no longer needs special treatment, it's just a JSON string that is set/got like any other text field.

Possible Drawbacks

Changing this requires tight integration with webcode changes. Those have been made (, and the plan is to get a sandbox running ASAP for testing the web display.


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