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Support for GCA/GCF URLs based on

Kamal Dodiya requested to merge support-gca-gcf into master


MVP will have assemblies tagged as both GCA and GCF, and both the species table and the species pages will need to have links to ENA and NCBI respectively.


The PR uses resolver services https://identifiers.irg to provide URLs for assembly.



Current Response

curl '' | jq '.["matches"][0]["assembly"]'
  "accession_id": "GCA_000001405.29",
  "name": "GRCh38.p14",
  "url": ""

After the Changes

$ curl 'http://localhost:8083/api/search/genomes?query=human' | jq '.["matches"][0]["assembly"]' 
  "accession_id": "GCA_000001405.29",
  "name": "GRCh38.p14",
  "url": ""

Review App URL

No available


This requires change in the environment variable. Instead of ENA_ASSEMBLY_URL it will need IDENTIFIERS_ORG_BASE_URL. Before merging this to main please merge the PR in new-api-config

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