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  1. 20 Jan, 2021 1 commit
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  3. 15 Jan, 2021 1 commit
  4. 14 Jan, 2021 4 commits
    • Stuart Robson's avatar
      fixes some issues with vf-grid when in IE11 land (#1328) · a656c253
      Stuart Robson authored
      * fixes some issues with vf-grid when in IE11 land
      * fixes changelog typo
    • Stuart Robson's avatar
      the one that refactors lots of form things (#1228) · 59dc0dbf
      Stuart Robson authored
      * style(vf-form__checkbox): resizes checkbox and adds better hover state
      We have made the checkbox smaller. Going from 24px to 16px. We have also introduced a better hover
      state where the tick is shown on hover
      * docs(vf_form__core--example): updates the example page for all vf-form components
      Added the vf-stack component to control the spacing
      * fix(vf-form__helper): removes the bottom margin on the error helper
      This relates to the change in vf-form__item where we are now using vf-stack to control spacing
      BREAKING CHANGE: This requires the updated vf-form__item to control the spacing
      * style(vf-form__input): refreshes styling of input and required asterick, adds vf-stack to examples
      We have reduced the border size and colour of the inputs and reduced the internal spacing. We have
      also added the vf-stack element to the examples in the nunjucks file. The reqiured astericks has
      also been repositioned to match the new spacing of the input
      * feat(vf-form__item): adds vf-stack to the wrapper, changes inline variant, adds custom stack margin
      Added the vf-stack component to the wrapper so that we can space the elements of a form item inside
      it. Adds a custom stack spacing unit to determine the size of margin. Makes the inline variant tell
      the labels to use inline-flex
      * style(vf-form__label): removes margins, adds flex and align items
      * style(vf-form__radio): makes checked button smaller circle inside border, adds hover state
      * style(vf-form__select): reduces border size, changes color, matches padding of vf-form__input
      * style(vf-form__textarea): updates border size and colour, and padding to match other inputs
      * removes placeholders because idk UX
      * fixes error styling and form item hierarchy
      * changes hover and focus effect for radio and checkboxes
      * fixes issues with inline checkboxes and radios
      * all the changelogs
      * Typo
      * Changelog formatting, github PR link
      * Remove placeholder changelog text
      * fixes 04px and makes them rems too
      * adds hover/focus shadow like the cards
      Co-authored-by: default avatarKen Hawkins <>
    • Stuart Robson's avatar
      the one that improves spacing and usability of video teaser (#1285) · 25407122
      Stuart Robson authored
      * improves spacing and usability of teaser
      * removes leftover hover effect from card
      Co-authored-by: default avatarStuart Robson <sr@Stuarts-MacBook-Air.local>
    • Stuart Robson's avatar
      fix(vf-intro): move the example content (#1274) · c684e4c1
      Stuart Robson authored
      This commit moves the example content for vf-intro into the 'variants' section of the .yml file so
      that it should not be printed if people are u
  5. 13 Jan, 2021 1 commit
  6. 12 Jan, 2021 4 commits
    • Ken Hawkins's avatar
      Docs: setting up (#1324) · dbff1850
      Ken Hawkins authored
      Noticed a couple of links were out of date and the developing setting up guide wasn't as easy to get to as it should be.
    • Ken Hawkins's avatar
      bug: section-header-closing-tag (#1317) · 91b40e8d
      Ken Hawkins authored
      * bug: section-header-closing-tag
      There was an extra `}` in the Nunjucks template that was corrupting the html.
    • Ken Hawkins's avatar
      Pattersn: embl and ebi boilerplate (#1325) · 6e32826d
      Ken Hawkins authored
      This doesn't do anything exotic, but creates a standard reference of how an EBI page has the black bar and the VF 2.0 footer.
      More work to be done but will ease a lot of confusion by EBI devs.
      It also updates the _data/containers to link to the njk templates in a way that works for vf-component-library.
    • Ken Hawkins's avatar
      Bug: vf-intro usage of vf_intro_subheading (#1326) · ecac2ec1
      Ken Hawkins authored
      * Bug: vf-intro usage of vf_intro_subheading
      While working on #1325 I ntoiced that `vf_intro_subheading` was missing from the context in vf-intro.njk, also the had some invalid syntax.
  7. 11 Jan, 2021 7 commits
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  9. 23 Dec, 2020 5 commits
    • Ken Hawkins's avatar
      enhancement: drop cssnano for native minification (#1305) · 7645ffb4
      Ken Hawkins authored
      * enhancment: drop cssnano for native minification
      I noticed some odd output during the cssnano step:
      [16:40:28] Starting 'vf-css:production'...
      --vf-cluster-margin [
          index: 40,
          token: '-',
          type: 9,
          eval: [Function: sub],
          precedence: 1,
          show: '-'
      Looking further I realised gulp-cssnano was a major version behind on cssnano, and investigating further I realised that dart sass now has native minifcation:
      So this PR:
      - drops cssnano
      - uses dart sass native minification
      - resolves the junk output in the build process
      - uses latest dart-sass version
    • Ken Hawkins's avatar
      bug: embl-content-hub-loader results in errors in some conditions (#1310) · 56716a36
      Ken Hawkins authored
      This resolves the issue by wrapping in a `try` statement. It also warns if vfTabs or vfBanner functions aren't found, as they should be used by official EMBL sites using the contentHub loader.
      vfTabs is more optional, but vfBanner is a "must" for the data protection banner.
      Closes #809
    • Ken Hawkins's avatar
      Bug: missing imports in component index.scss files (#1306) · f60ea064
      Ken Hawkins authored
      * Bug: missing imports in component index.scss files
      Several components were missing the vf-global-variables from their index.scss file, resulting in this on the compontent css build:
      [18:28:47] Starting 'vf-css:generate-component-css'...
      [18:28:47] Finished 'vf-css:generate-component-css' after 1.29 ms
      Error: Undefined variable.
      6 │ @mixin set-type($font-size, $font-family: $global-font-family, $custom-margin-bottom: auto) {
        │                                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        ../../components/vf-sass-config/mixins/_typography.scss 6:43  set-type()
        ../../components/vf-heading/vf-heading.scss 17:3              @import
        ../../components/vf-section-header/index.scss 9:9             root stylesheet
      Error: Undefined variable.
      22 │     @if $vf-include-normalisations == true {
         │         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        ../../components/vf-sass-config/mixins/_typography.scss 22:9    set-type()
      This resolves that.
      * Add changelogs
    • Ken Hawkins's avatar
      Bug: fix vf-tabs display (#1308) · 65fad3f6
      Ken Hawkins authored
      * Restructures that link between tabs from a sequential relationship to an explicit relationship based off the tab href and panel id.
      * This is a non-breaking change that may be further improved with an optional data-vf-js-tab-id
      Fixes #1136
    • Ken Hawkins's avatar
      Bug: unnecessary Eleventy rebuilds on Sass and JS updates (#1309) · 77a58364
      Ken Hawkins authored
      * Improve Eleventy-Fractal integration to avoid unnecessary Eleventy rebuilds on Sass and JS updates.
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