Commit 331fc631 authored by Jessica Severin's avatar Jessica Severin
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removed debugging messages. Changed synch wait to 3 minutes when WORKING

parent 36b47088
......@@ -382,15 +382,15 @@ sub safe_synchronize_AnalysisStats {
return $stats if($stats->status eq 'DONE');
return $stats if($stats->sync_lock);
return $stats if(($stats->status eq 'WORKING') and
($stats->seconds_since_last_update < 5*60));
($stats->seconds_since_last_update < 3*60));
# OK try to claim the sync_lock
my $sql = "UPDATE analysis_stats SET status='SYNCHING', sync_lock=1 ".
"WHERE sync_lock=0 and analysis_id=" . $stats->analysis_id;
my $row_count = $self->dbc->do($sql);
return $stats unless($row_count == 1);
printf("got sync_lock on analysis_stats(%d)\n", $stats->analysis_id);
#printf("got sync_lock on analysis_stats(%d)\n", $stats->analysis_id);
#OK have the lock, go and do the sync
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