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changes made during the last couple of weeks

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......@@ -16,6 +16,22 @@ Summary:
Bio::EnsEMBL::Analysis::RunnableDB perl wrapper objects as nodes/blocks in
the graphs but could be adapted more generally.
3 June, 2010 : Leo Gordon
* one important workaround for LSF command line parsing bug
(the LSF was unable to create job arrays where pipeline name started from certain letters)
* lots of new documentation added and old docs removed (POD documentation in modules as well as eHive initialization/running manuals).
Everyone is encouraged to use the new and PipeConfig-style configuration files.
* a schema change that makes it possible to have multiple input_id_templates per dataflow branch
(this feature is already accessible via API, but not yet implemented in
* JobFactory now understands multi-column input and intput_id templates can be written to refer to individual columns.
The 'inputquery' mode has been tested and it works.
Both 'inputfile' and 'inputcmd' should be able to split their input on param('delmiter'), but this has not yet been tested.
12 May, 2010 : Leo Gordon
* can be given a PipeConfig file name instead of full module name.
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