Commit 61ef5b2e authored by Leo Gordon's avatar Leo Gordon
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try to avoid name and pid collisions

parent c3974355
......@@ -397,9 +397,11 @@ sub worker_process_temp_directory {
unless(defined($self->{'_tmp_dir'}) and (-e $self->{'_tmp_dir'})) {
#create temp directory to hold fasta databases
$self->{'_tmp_dir'} = "/tmp/worker_$ENV{'USER'}.$$/";
my $username = $ENV{'USER'};
my $worker_id = $self->worker_id();
$self->{'_tmp_dir'} = "/tmp/worker_${username}.${worker_id}";
mkdir($self->{'_tmp_dir'}, 0777);
throw("unable to create ".$self->{'_tmp_dir'}) unless(-e $self->{'_tmp_dir'});
throw("unable to create a writable directory ".$self->{'_tmp_dir'}) unless(-w $self->{'_tmp_dir'});
return $self->{'_tmp_dir'};
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