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......@@ -323,6 +323,14 @@ __DATA__
=head1 SYNOPSIS {-url <url> | [-reg_conf <reg_conf>] -reg_alias <reg_alias> [-reg_type <reg_type>] }
[-start_date <start_date>] [-end_date <end_date>]
[-top <float>]
[-mode [workers | memory | cores | wasted_memory]]
[-n_core <int>] [-mem <int>]
This script is used for offline examination of the allocation of workers.
......@@ -341,19 +349,32 @@ __DATA__ -url mysql://username:secret@hostname:port/database > timeline.csv
# The same, but getting the analysis that fill 99.5% of the global activity in a PNG file -url mysql://username:secret@hostname:port/database -top .995 -output timeline.png -url mysql://username:secret@hostname:port/database -top .995 -output timeline_top995.png
# Assuming you are only interested in a precise interval (in a PNG file) -url mysql://username:secret@hostname:port/database -start_date 2013-06-15T10:34 -end_date 2013-06-15T16:58 -output timeline.png -url mysql://username:secret@hostname:port/database -start_date 2013-06-15T10:34 -end_date 2013-06-15T16:58 -output timeline_June15.png
# Get the required memory instead of the number of workers -url mysql://username:secret@hostname:port/database -mode memory -output timeline_memory.png
=head1 OPTIONS
-help : print this help
-url <url string> : url defining where hive database is located
-reg_cong, -reg_type, -reg_alias : alternative connection details
-nosqlvc : Do not restrict the usage of this script to the current version of eHive
Be aware that uses raw SQL queries that may break on different schema versions
-verbose : Print some info about the data loaded from the database
-start_date <date> : minimal start date of a worker (the format is ISO8601, e.g. '2012-01-25T13:46')
-end_date <date> : maximal end date of a worker (the format is ISO8601, e.g. '2012-01-25T13:46')
-top <float> : maximum number (> 1) or fraction (< 1) of analysis to report (default: 20)
-output <string> : output file: its extension must match one of the Gnuplot terminals. Otherwise, the CSV output is produced on stdout
-mode <string> : what should be displayed on the y-axis. Allowed values are 'workers' (default), 'memory', 'cores', 'wasted_memory'
-n_core <int> : the default number of cores allocated to a worker (default: 1)
-mem <int> : the default memory allocated to a worker (default: 100Mb)
=head1 CONTACT
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