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adding a remove_analysis_id method that will DELETE FROM analysis,...

adding a remove_analysis_id method that will DELETE FROM analysis, analysis_stats, and analysis_job table WHERE analysis_id equals the number given
parent 4ad12163
......@@ -647,6 +647,34 @@ sub reset_all_jobs_for_analysis_id {
$self->db->get_AnalysisStatsAdaptor->update_status($analysis_id, 'LOADING');
=head2 remove_analysis_id
Arg [1] : int $analysis_id
Example :
Description: Remove the analysis from the database.
Jobs should have been killed before.
Exceptions : $analysis_id must be defined
Caller :
sub remove_analysis_id {
my $self = shift;
my $analysis_id = shift;
throw("must define analysis_id") unless($analysis_id);
my $sql;
#first just reset the claimed jobs, these don't need a retry_count index increment
$sql = "DELETE FROM analysis WHERE analysis_id=$analysis_id";
$sql = "DELETE FROM analysis_stats WHERE analysis_id=$analysis_id";
$sql = "DELETE FROM analysis_job WHERE analysis_id=$analysis_id";
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