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Update doc. Explain how to use eHive as a batch job throttlingmanager

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......@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@
perl DBI
Data::UUID (from
1.2 Code checkout
......@@ -16,9 +18,9 @@
cvs -d co ensembl
ensembl-pipeline code (for Runnables)
ensembl-analysis, ensembl-pipeline, ensembl-compara code (OPTIONAL, for using e! Runnables)
cvs -d co ensembl-pipeline
cvs -d co ensembl-pipeline ensembl-compara ensembl-analysis
ensembl-hive code
......@@ -26,32 +28,45 @@
in tcsh
setenv BASEDIR /some/path/to/modules
setenv PERL5LIB ${BASEDIR}/ensembl/modules:${BASEDIR}/ensembl-pipeline/modules:${BASEDIR}/ensembl-genepair/modules:${BASEDIR}/bioperl-live
setenv PERL5LIB ${PERL5LIB}:${BASEDIR}/ensembl/modules
setenv PERL5LIB ${PERL5LIB}:${BASEDIR}/ensembl-hive/modules
setenv PERL5LIB ${PERL5LIB}:${BASEDIR}/ensembl-analysis/modules (OPTIONAL)
setenv PERL5LIB ${PERL5LIB}:${BASEDIR}/ensembl-compara/modules (OPTIONAL)
setenv PERL5LIB ${PERL5LIB}:${BASEDIR}/ensembl-pipeline/modules (OPTIONAL)
in bash
PERL5LIB=${PERL5LIB}:${BASEDIR}/ensembl-compara/modules (OPTIONAL)
PERL5LIB=${PERL5LIB}:${BASEDIR}/ensembl-analysis/modules (OPTIONAL)
PERL5LIB=${PERL5LIB}:${BASEDIR}/ensembl-pipeline/modules (OPTIONAL)
export PERL5LIB
2- Configure database
2- Setup a eHive database
Pick a mysql instance and create a database
mysqladmin -h ecs2 -P3361 -uensadmin -pxxxx -e "create database hive-test1"
mysql -h HOST -u USER -pSECRET -e "create database hive_test1"
cd ~/src/ensembl_main/ensembl-hive/sql
mysql -h ecs2 -P3361 -uensadmin -pxxxx jessica_hive_test1 < tables.sql
cd ${BASEDIR}/ensembl-hive/sql
mysql -h HOST -u USER -pSECRET hive_test1 < tables.sql
3- Create location where worker and job STDOUT/STDERR is redirected to
3- (OPTIONAL) Create location where worker and job STDOUT/STDERR is redirected to
a) create a working directory with enough disk space to hold hive worker output
mkdir /nfs/ecs4/work2/ensembl/jessica/data/hive_output/jessica_hive_test1/
mkdir /scratch/hive_test1/
b) insert into meta table
$outdir = '/nfs/ecs4/work2/ensembl/jessica/data/hive_output/jessica_hive_test1/'
$dba->get_MetaContainer->store_key_value('hive_output_dir', $outdir);
4- Create pipeline graph
$outdir = '/scratch/hive_test1/'
mysql -h HOST -u USER -pSECRET hive_test1 \
-e "INSERT INTO meta(meta_key, meta_value) VALUES ('hive_output_dir', '$outdir')"
4a- Create pipeline graph
a) write RunnableDB modules to process data
......@@ -61,7 +76,21 @@ mysql -h ecs2 -P3361 -uensadmin -pxxxx jessica_hive_test1 < tables.sql
done before another part of pipeline needs to 'unblock'
e) insert starting job(s) into analysis_job table to kick off pipeline
4b- To use the eHive as a simple batch job throttlingmanager
a) Create one analysis for the SystemCmd module
mysql -h HOST -u USER -pSECRET hive_test1 \
-e "INSERT INTO analysis(logic_name, module) VALUES ('SysmtemCmd', 'Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::RunnableDB::SystemCmd')"
b) Add as many jobs as needed
mysql -h HOST -u USER -pSECRET hive_test1 \
-e "INSERT INTO analysis_job (analysis_id, input_id) VALUES ('1', 'echo 1')"
5) Run hive (queen and workers) through a beekeeper
eg: -url mysql://ensadmin:xxxx@ecs2:3361/jessica_hive_test1 -loop
eg: -url mysql://USER:SECRET@HOST/hive_test1 -loop
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