Commit a79c6f5d authored by Leo Gordon's avatar Leo Gordon
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warning about running a pipeline without a name added

parent 80ff4d7d
......@@ -159,6 +159,20 @@ sub main {
|| $self->{'dba'}->get_MetaContainer->list_value_by_key("name")->[0]
unless($pipeline_name) {
print STDERR "+---------------------------------------------------------------------+\n";
print STDERR "! !\n";
print STDERR "! WARNING: !\n";
print STDERR "! !\n";
print STDERR "! At the moment your pipeline doesn't have 'pipeline_name' defined. !\n";
print STDERR "! This may seriously impair your beekeeping experience unless you are !\n";
print STDERR "! the only farm user. The name should be set in your PipeConfig file, !\n";
print STDERR "! or if you are running an old pipeline you can just set it by hand !\n";
print STDERR "! in the 'meta' table. !\n";
print STDERR "! !\n";
print STDERR "+---------------------------------------------------------------------+\n";
if($local) {
$self->{'meadow'} = Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::Meadow::LOCAL->new();
$self->{'meadow'} -> total_running_workers_limit($local_cpus);
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