Commit d99034b3 authored by Michael Paulini's avatar Michael Paulini
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fixed a printf debug statement to actually print something.

parent 17d1ba26
......@@ -136,14 +136,14 @@ if($self->{'analysis_id'} and $self->{'input_id'}) {
printf("creating job outside database\n ");
print("creating job outside database\n");
$self->{'debug'}=1 unless(defined($self->{'debug'}));
$self->{'outdir'}='' unless(defined($self->{'outdir'}));
if($self->{'job_id'}) {
printf("fetching job for id ", $self->{'job_id'}, "\n");
printf("fetching job for id %i\n", $self->{'job_id'});
$self->{'analysis_job'} = $queen->reset_and_fetch_job_by_dbID($self->{'job_id'});
$self->{'analysis_id'} = $self->{'analysis_job'}->analysis_id if($self->{'analysis_job'});
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