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add sub to change the access fro a db connection

parent 3f04a010
......@@ -584,6 +584,48 @@ sub get_alias{
return $registry_register{'_ALIAS'}{$key};
=head2 change_access
Will change the username and password for a set of databases.
if host,user or database names are missing then these are not checked.
So for example if you do not specify a database then ALL databases on
the specified host and port will be changed.
Arg [1] : name of the host to change access on
Arg [2] : port number to change access on
Arg [3] : name of the user to change access on
Arg [4] : name of the database to change access on
Arg [5] : name of the new user
Arg [6] : new password
Example : Bio::EnsEMBL::Registry->get_alias("Human");
Description: change username and password on one or more databases
Returntype : none
Exceptions : none
sub change_access{
my ($host,$port,$user,$dbname,$new_user,$new_pass) = @_;
foreach my $dba ( @{get_all_DBAdaptors()}){
my $dbc = $dba->dbc;
if((!defined($host) or $host eq $dbc->host) and
(!defined($port) or $port eq $dbc->port) and
(!defined($user) or $user eq $dbc->username) and
(!defined($dbname) or $host eq $dbc->dbname)){
#disconnect if connected
# over write the username and password
# Web specific routines
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