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Making sure if AutoCommit was off we issue a rollback to signal the start of a...

Making sure if AutoCommit was off we issue a rollback to signal the start of a fresh block. This seems to be easier than using DBI's begin_work() since that will error if we have already begun a transaction
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......@@ -468,6 +468,15 @@ previous setting. If your DBI/DBD driver does not support manual commits
then this code will break. The code will turn off the
C<disconnect_when_idle()> method to allow transactions to work as expected.
If the connection given already had AutoCommit off we will issue a rollback
before handing the connection into the closure. This ensures the connection
contains as fresh information from the database as possible. An effect of
using REPEATABLE READ transaction isolation (InnoDB's default) is that
your data is as fresh as when you started your current transaction. To
ensure the freshest data use C<SELECT ... from ... LOCK IN SHARE MODE>
or C<SELECT ... from ... LOCK FOR UPDATE> if you are going to issue
Creating a transaction within a transaction results in the commit rollback
statements occuring in the top level transaction. That way any block of
code which is meant to to be transaction can be wrapped in this block (
......@@ -494,6 +503,8 @@ sub transaction {
$original_dwi = $dbc->disconnect_when_inactive();
$ac = $dbc->db_handle()->{'AutoCommit'};
$dbc->db_handle()->{'AutoCommit'} = 0;
#Issue a rollback as a signal for a fresh transaction if AutoCommit was off
$dbc->db_handle()->rollback() if(! $ac);
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