Commit 1bfa4b68 authored by Monika Komorowska's avatar Monika Komorowska
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no longer loading ArrayExpress xrefs, this is done in parsing using data directly from the core db

parent 2d711c28
......@@ -6,8 +6,6 @@ use vars '@ISA';
@ISA = qw{ XrefMapper::BasicMapper };
use XrefMapper::BasicMapper;
use XrefParser::ArrayExpressParser;
use XrefParser::Database;
use Cwd;
use DBI;
......@@ -45,21 +43,6 @@ IIX
sub process {
my $self = shift;
#check if ArrayExpress xrefs are available for this species
my $xref_parser_db = XrefParser::Database->new( {host => $self->xref()->dbc()->host,
port => $self->xref()->dbc()->port,
user => $self->user,
dbname => $self->xref()->dbc()->dbname,
pass => $self->pass });
my $array_xrefs_parser = XrefParser::ArrayExpressParser->new($xref_parser_db,$self->verbose());
$array_xrefs_parser = undef;
$xref_parser_db = undef;
# Now process the direct xrefs and add data to the object xrefs remember dependent xrefs.
my $object_xref_id;
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