Commit 276aca95 authored by Magali Ruffier's avatar Magali Ruffier
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ENSCORESW-504: added explicit example for fetch_all_by_hit_name method

parent cd571715
......@@ -200,8 +200,8 @@ sub fetch_all_by_Slice_and_pid {
The analysis logic name of the type of features to
Example : @feats =
@{ $adaptor->fetch_all_by_hit_name( $name,
$logic_name ); }
@{ $adaptor->fetch_all_by_hit_name( 'AK078491.1',
'vertrna' ); }
Description: Returns a listref of features created from the
database which correspond to the given hit_name. If
logic name is defined, only features with an analysis
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