Commit 2acdcd16 authored by James Allen's avatar James Allen
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Typo (missing semicolon)

parent e29e35f6
......@@ -1033,7 +1033,7 @@ sub submit_depend_job {
# push @depend_bsub, ('-q', $queue, '-o', "$root_dir/depend.out", '-e', "$root_dir/depend.err");
my $jobid = 0;
my $memory_resources = q{-M 5 -R"select[mem>5] rusage[mem=5]"}
my $memory_resources = q{-M 5 -R"select[mem>5] rusage[mem=5]"};
my $com = "bsub -K -q $queue $memory_resources -o $root_dir/depend.out -e $root_dir/depend.err $ended_str /bin/true";
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