Commit 3a5eb382 authored by Monika Komorowska's avatar Monika Komorowska
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update get_set_list to use ExonerateGappedBest5_agam for RefSeq_mRNA and ncRNA (predicted) xrefs

parent f8b5991f
......@@ -12,7 +12,11 @@ use vars '@ISA';
sub get_set_lists {
return [["ExonerateGappedBest1_agam", ["anopheles_gambiae","*"]]];
return [["ExonerateGappedBest5_agam", ["anopheles_gambiae","RefSeq_mRNA"]],
["ExonerateGappedBest5_agam", ["anopheles_gambiae","RefSeq_mRNA_predicted"]],
["ExonerateGappedBest5_agam", ["anopheles_gambiae","RefSeq_ncRNA"]],
["ExonerateGappedBest5_agam", ["anopheles_gambiae","RefSeq_ncRNA_predicted"]],
["ExonerateGappedBest1_agam", ["anopheles_gambiae","*"]]];
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