Commit 465e3375 authored by Nathan Johnson's avatar Nathan Johnson
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explicitly set tables to stop server wide flushing

parent 0cb8004f
......@@ -246,9 +246,25 @@ foreach my $db_to_copy (@dbs_to_copy) {
# flush tables; in the source server
unless (defined $already_flushed{$db_to_copy->{$flush_scope}} || $noflush) {
print STDERR "// flushing tables in $db_to_copy->{$flush_scope} (".&get_time.")...\t";
my $flush_cmd = "echo 'flush tables;' | mysql -h $db_to_copy->{src_srv} -u ensadmin -p$pass -P$source_port";
$flush_cmd .= ' '.$db_to_copy->{src_db} if $dbflush;
#Is this sitll flushing the whole instance?
#Do we need to flush each individual table
#and reset the query cache?
print STDERR "// flushing tables in $db_to_copy->{$flush_scope} (".&get_time.")...\t";
my $flush_cmd;
my $tables_cmd = "echo 'show tables;' | mysql -h $db_to_copy->{src_srv} -u ensadmin -p$pass -P$source_port $db_to_copy->{src_db}";
my @tables = split/\n/, `$tables_cmd`;
shift @tables;#remove field header
$flush_cmd = "echo 'flush tables ".join(', ', @tables).";' | mysql -h $db_to_copy->{src_srv} -u ensadmin -p$pass -P$source_port $db_to_copy->{src_db}";
$flush_cmd = "echo 'flush tables;' | mysql -h $db_to_copy->{src_srv} -u ensadmin -p$pass -P$source_port";
#$flush_cmd .= ' '.$db_to_copy->{src_db} if $dbflush;
#Now flushes on db specific tables
#This was introduced to enable copying a an unused DB when others are being heavily used
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