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368 duck_transcriptome Assembled Anas platyrhynchos EST sequences supplied by the Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI). Duck transcriptome 1 {'type'=>'est'}
369 ncbi_ccds_import Protein coding sequences agreed upon by the Consensus Coding Sequence project, or <a href="/info/docs/genebuild/ccds.html" class="cp-external">CCDS</a>. CCDS set 1 {'default' => {'contigviewbottom' => 'normal'},'type' => 'cdna'}
370 Gorilla_RNA-Seq Illumina paired-end reads from Western lowland gorilla generated at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (WTSI) aligned to the genome using <a rel="external" href="">Exonerate</a>. Gorilla_RNA-Seq 1 {'gene' => {'do_not_display' => '1'},'default' => {'contigviewbottom' => 'stack'},'type' => 'cdna'}
371 human_cdna2genome Homo Sapiens cDNAs from <a rel="external" href="">NCBI RefSeq</a> and <a rel="external" href="">EMBL</a> are aligned to the genome using <a rel="external" href="">Exonerate cnda2geome model</a>. Human RefSeq/EMBL cdna2genome 0
#add new entries for core databases above, the following are for functional genomics
#500 Nessie Hidden Markov Model based predictions based on tiling array data Nessie (TilingHMM) 1
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