Commit 6e791115 authored by Andy Yates's avatar Andy Yates
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Adding a check to prevent unintentional dropping of mart tables

parent ed29b838
......@@ -125,7 +125,11 @@ my $dba = $support->get_database('ensembl');
my @tables;
my @patterns = map { '%'.$_.'%' } qw/tmp temp bak backup/;
push(@patterns, 'MTMP\_%') if $support->param('mart');
if($support->param('mart')) {
if($support->user_proceed('--mart was specified on the command line. Do not run this during a mart build. Do you wish to continue?')) {
push(@patterns, 'MTMP\_%');
foreach my $pattern (@patterns) {
my $results = $dba->dbc()->sql_helper()->execute_simple(
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