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Better documentation

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......@@ -15,11 +15,13 @@ sub decompress {
my $target_dir = $self->target_dir();
my ($vol, $dir, $file) = File::Spec->splitpath($source);
my $target = File::Spec->catdir($target_dir, $file);
$self->info('Decompressing %s to %s', $source, $target);
my $gunzipped_target = $target;
$gunzipped_target =~ s/.gz$//;
$self->info('Copying from %s to %s', $source, $gunzipped_target);
copy($source, $target) or throw "Cannot copy $source to $target: $!";
$self->info('Decompressing %s to %s', $source, $gunzipped_target);
system("gunzip -f $target") and throw sprintf('Could not gunzip. Exited with code %d', ($? >>8));
$target =~ s/.gz$//;
return $target;
return $gunzipped_target;
sub repeat_mask_date {
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