Commit 81ee91b5 authored by Andy Yates's avatar Andy Yates
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Flagging up a todo in the test case to fix

parent 929e9050
......@@ -507,6 +507,15 @@ ok( $ok );
$multi->hide( 'core', 'alt_allele' );
#TODO Fix. Code current raises this warning. Don't use alt genes on a ref slice or change the code
#-------------------- WARNING ----------------------
#MSG: More than one alternative allele on the reference sequence (gene ids: 18270,18271,18272). Ignoring.
#CALLED BY: modules/t/gene.t LINE: 514
#Ensembl API version = 67
my @alt_genes;
push( @alt_genes, $ga->fetch_by_dbID(18270) );
push( @alt_genes, $ga->fetch_by_dbID(18271) );
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