Commit 892d16ae authored by Andreas Kusalananda Kähäri's avatar Andreas Kusalananda Kähäri
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Expand example for get_species_and_object_type().

parent 23f11419
......@@ -2415,8 +2415,16 @@ sub version_check {
Arg [2] : String known_type (optional)
The type of the stable ID, if it is known.
Example : my ( $species, $object_type, $db_type ) =
Example : my $stable_id = 'ENST00000326632';
my ( $species, $object_type, $db_type ) =
my $adaptor =
$registry->get_adaptor( $species, $db_type,
$object_type );
my $object = $adaptor->fetch_by_stable_id($stable_id);
Return type: Array consisting of the species name, object type,
and database type. The array may be empty if no
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