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Removed old probe mapping scripts

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use strict;
use Getopt::Long;
use Bio::EnsEMBL::DBEntry;
use Bio::EnsEMBL::DBSQL::DBAdaptor;
use Bio::EnsEMBL::Mapper::RangeRegistry;
my ($s_host, $s_port, $s_user, $s_pass, $s_dbname, $t_host, $t_port, $t_user, $t_pass, $t_dbname, $array);
GetOptions('source_host=s' => \$s_host,
'source_user=s' => \$s_user,
'source_port=i' => \$s_port,
'source_pass=s' => \$s_pass,
'source_dbname=s' => \$s_dbname,
'target_host=s' => \$t_host,
'target_user=s' => \$t_user,
'target_port=i' => \$t_port,
'target_pass=s' => \$t_pass,
'target_dbname=s' => \$t_dbname,
'array=s' => \$array,
'help' => sub { usage(); exit(0); });
$s_port ||= 3306; $t_port ||= 3306;
usage() if(!$s_user || !$s_dbname || !$s_host || !$t_dbname);
$t_host = $s_host if (!$t_host);
$t_port = $s_port if (!$t_port);
$t_user = $s_user if (!$t_user);
my $s_db = new Bio::EnsEMBL::DBSQL::DBAdaptor('-host' => $s_host,
'-port' => $s_port,
'-user' => $s_user,
'-pass' => $s_pass,
'-dbname' => $s_dbname,
'-species'=> $s_dbname);
my $t_db = new Bio::EnsEMBL::DBSQL::DBAdaptor('-host' => $t_host,
'-port' => $t_port,
'-user' => $t_user,
'-pass' => $t_pass,
'-dbname' => $t_dbname,
'-species'=> $t_dbname);
# TODO fix this when external db is sorted out
my $restrict_sql = "x.external_db_id > 3000 AND x.external_db_id < 3210";
$restrict_sql = " e.db_name='$array'" if ($array);
sub run {
print "Using only array $array\n" if ($array);
# compare total counts first
my $count_sql = "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM xref x, object_xref ox, external_db e WHERE e.external_db_id=x.external_db_id AND x.xref_id=ox.xref_id AND ox.ensembl_object_type='Transcript' AND $restrict_sql";
my $s_sth = $s_db->dbc()->prepare($count_sql);
my $count = ($s_sth->fetchrow_array())[0];
print "Total oligo xrefs in $s_dbname: $count\n";
my $t_sth = $t_db->dbc()->prepare($count_sql);
$count = ($t_sth->fetchrow_array())[0];
print "Total oligo xrefs in $t_dbname: $count\n";
# cache all mappings from each database
# key format: transcript_stable_id:array:probe
my %source_mappings = cache_mappings($s_db);
my %target_mappings = cache_mappings($t_db);
# compare mappings
my $source_only = 0;
my $target_only = 0;
my $both = 0;
open(SOURCE_ONLY, ">source_only.txt");
open(TARGET_ONLY, ">target_only.txt");
open(BOTH, ">both.txt");
foreach my $key (keys %source_mappings) {
if ($target_mappings{$key}) {
print BOTH "$key\n";
} else {
print SOURCE_ONLY "$key\n";
print "$both unique mappings in both databases\n";
print "$source_only mappings in source only\n";
foreach my $key (keys %target_mappings) {
if (!$source_mappings{$key}) {
print TARGET_ONLY "$key\n";
print "$target_only mappings in target only\n";
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
sub cache_mappings {
my ($db, $print) = @_;
my %mappings;
# TODO - fix SQL when external_db changes
my $sth = $db->dbc()->prepare("SELECT tsi.stable_id, e.db_name, x.dbprimary_acc, t.biotype FROM xref x, external_db e, object_xref ox, transcript_stable_id tsi, transcript t WHERE x.xref_id=ox.xref_id AND x.external_db_id=e.external_db_id AND ox.ensembl_object_type='Transcript' AND ox.ensembl_id=t.transcript_id AND t.transcript_id=tsi.transcript_id AND $restrict_sql");
while (my @row = $sth->fetchrow_array()) {
my $key = $row[0] . "\t" . $row[3] . "\t". $row[1]. "\t" . $row[2];
$mappings{$key} = $key;
print "$key\n" if ($print);
return %mappings;
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
sub usage {
print << "EOF";
Compare oligo xrefs between 2 databases.
perl $0 {options}
Options ([..] indicates optional):
--source_host The database server to read the first set of xrefs from.
[--source_port] The port to use. Defaults to 3306.
--source_user Database username.
--source_pass Password for source_user, if required.
--source_dbname Database name.
--target_host The database server to read the second set of xrefs from.
Defaults to source_host.
[--target_port] The port to use. Defaults to 3306.
--target_user Database username. Defaults to source_user.
--target_pass Password for target_user, if required.
--target_dbname Database name.
[--array] Just compare results from this array.
[--help] This text.
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