Commit 9290fc14 authored by Glenn Proctor's avatar Glenn Proctor
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Avoid deleting projected GO terms when deleting projected display names.

parent 155c3273
......@@ -591,7 +591,8 @@ sub delete_names {
print "Deleting projected xrefs, object_xrefs and synonyms\n";
$sth = $to_ga->dbc()->prepare("DELETE es FROM xref x, external_synonym es WHERE x.xref_id=es.xref_id AND x.info_type='PROJECTION'");
$sth = $to_ga->dbc()->prepare("DELETE x, ox FROM xref x, object_xref ox WHERE x.xref_id=ox.xref_id AND x.info_type='PROJECTION'");
# avoid deleting projected GO terms - only want to delete the names here
$sth = $to_ga->dbc()->prepare("DELETE x, ox FROM xref x, object_xref ox, external_db e WHERE x.xref_id=ox.xref_id AND x.external_db_id=e.external_db_id AND x.info_type='PROJECTION' AND e.db_name!='GO'");
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