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-Added option in the load_registry_from_db() to load dbs from another version...

-Added option in the load_registry_from_db() to load dbs from another version (usefull for production and debugging)
-new method load_registry_from_url() which parses a URL like mysql::// and uses these values to call load_registry_from_db()
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......@@ -814,6 +814,50 @@ my $self = shift;
=head2 load_registry_from_url
Arg [1] : string $url
Example : load_registry_from_url("mysql://");
Description: Will load the correct versions of the ensembl databases for the
software release it can find on a database instance into the
registry. Also adds a set of standard aliases. The url format is:
You can also request a specific version for the databases by adding
a slash and the version number but your script may crash as the API
version won't match the DB version.
Exceptions : None.
Status : Stable
sub load_registry_from_url {
my ($self, $url, $verbose) = @_;
if ($url =~ /mysql\:\/\/([^\@]+\@)?([^\:\/]+)(\:\d+)?(\/\d+)?/) {
my $user_pass = $1;
my $host = $2;
my $port = $3;
my $version = $4;
$user_pass =~ s/\@$//;
my ($user, $pass) = $user_pass =~ m/([^\:]+)(\:.+)?/;
$pass =~ s/^\:// if ($pass);
$port =~ s/^\:// if ($port);
$version =~ s/^\/// if ($version);
-host=> $host,
-user => $user,
-pass => $pass,
-port => $port,
-db_version => $version,
-verbose => $verbose);
} else {
throw("Only MySQL URLs are accepted at the moment");
=head2 load_registry_from_db
Arg [HOST] : The domain name of the database host to connect to.
......@@ -825,6 +869,12 @@ my $self = shift;
Arg [PORT] : int
The port to use when connecting to the database
Arg [VERBOSE]: (optional) Wether to print database messages
Arg [DB_VERSION]: (optional) By default, only databases corresponding
to this API version are loaded. This allows the script to
use databases from another version although it might not
work properly. This option should only be used for
production or testing purposes and if you really know what
you are doing.
Example : load_registry_from_db( -host => '',
-user => 'anonymous',
......@@ -839,10 +889,10 @@ my $self = shift;
sub load_registry_from_db{
sub load_registry_from_db {
my($self, @args) = @_;
my ($host, $port, $user, $pass, $verbose) =
rearrange([qw(HOST PORT USER PASS VERBOSE)], @args);
my ($host, $port, $user, $pass, $verbose, $db_version) =
......@@ -858,6 +908,9 @@ sub load_registry_from_db{
my %temp;
my $software_version = $self->software_version();
if (defined($db_version)) {
$software_version = $db_version;
print "Will only load $software_version databases\n" if ($verbose);
for my $db (@dbnames){
if($db =~ /^([a-z]+_[a-z]+_[a-z]+)_(\d+)_(\d+[a-z]*)/){
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