Commit a13dba36 authored by Andy Yates's avatar Andy Yates
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[ENSCORESW-458]. _remap() (only used by KaryotypeAdaptor AFAIK) was not...

[ENSCORESW-458]. _remap() (only used by KaryotypeAdaptor AFAIK) was not working. Used seq region names for commparisons when fastmap() returns seq region ids. Fixed to using just seq_region_ids. Issues originally raised by Steve S
parent d09ce225
......@@ -1111,10 +1111,9 @@ sub _remap {
my $slice_strand = $slice->strand();
my $slice_cs = $slice->coord_system();
my ($seq_region, $start, $end, $strand);
my ($seq_region_id, $start, $end, $strand);
my $slice_seq_region_id = $slice->get_seq_region_id();
my $slice_seq_region = $slice->seq_region_name();
foreach my $f (@$features) {
#since feats were obtained in contig coords, attached seq is a contig
......@@ -1122,28 +1121,27 @@ sub _remap {
if(!$fslice) {
throw("Feature does not have attached slice.\n");
my $fseq_region = $fslice->seq_region_name();
my $fseq_region_id = $fslice->get_seq_region_id();
my $fcs = $fslice->coord_system();
if(!$slice_cs->equals($fcs)) {
#slice of feature in different coord system, mapping required
($seq_region, $start, $end, $strand) =
# $seq_region comes out as an integer not a string
($seq_region_id, $start, $end, $strand) =
# undefined start means gap
next if(!defined $start);
} else {
$start = $f->start();
$end = $f->end();
$strand = $f->strand();
$seq_region = $f->slice->seq_region_name();
$start = $f->start();
$end = $f->end();
$strand = $f->strand();
$seq_region_id = $fseq_region_id;
# maps to region outside desired area
next if ($start > $slice_end) || ($end < $slice_start) ||
($slice_seq_region ne $seq_region);
($slice_seq_region_id != $seq_region_id);
#shift the feature start, end and strand in one call
if($slice_strand == -1) {
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