Commit bf9abd64 authored by Kevin Howe's avatar Kevin Howe
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In _parse_cigar, relaxed a sanity check that resulted in death on attempt

to fetch ungapped_features from DNA-PEP transcript_supporting_features
(due tothe presence of Insertions that are non modulo-3 in length, which is
common for introns).
parent e2d7f631
......@@ -381,7 +381,8 @@ sub _parse_cigar {
"allowing 1 or 3 ");
if( int($mapped_length) != $mapped_length ) {
if( int($mapped_length) != $mapped_length and
($piece =~ /M$/ or $piece =~ /D$/)) {
throw("Internal error with mismapped length of hit, query " .
"$query_unit, hit $hit_unit, length $length");
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