Commit cec0e1af authored by Nathan Johnson's avatar Nathan Johnson
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added affy tidy patch

parent 304738db
# patch_56_57_b.sql
# title: Tidy old affy analyses
# description:
# Remove AffyAlign and probe2transcript from analysis & analysis_description table
# Change unmapped_object.type enum to remove probe2transcript
-- Delete in two parts just in case we don't have an ad entry
DELETE ad from analysis a, analysis_description ad where a.logic_name='AffyAlign' and a.analysis_id=ad.analysis_id;
DELETE ad from analysis a, analysis_description ad where a.logic_name='probe2transcript' and a.analysis_id=ad.analysis_id;
DELETE from analysis where logic_name='AffyAlign';
DELETE from analysis where logic_name='probe2transcript';
ALTER table unmapped_object modify type ENUM('xref', 'cDNA', 'Marker') NOT NULL;
# patch identifier
INSERT INTO meta (species_id, meta_key, meta_value) VALUES (NULL, 'patch', 'patch_56_57_b.sql|affy_analysis_tidy');
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