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script to dump scores from serialised ScoredMappingMatrix files for debugging

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=head1 NAME - dump scores from serialised ScoredMappingMatrix'es for debugging
=head1 SYNOPSIS [arguments]
Required arguments:
--dumppath=PATH base directory of ID mapping results
Optional arguments:
--conffile, --conf=FILE read parameters from FILE
(default: conf/Conversion.ini)
--logfile, --log=FILE log to FILE (default: *STDOUT)
--logpath=PATH write logfile to PATH (default: .)
--logappend, --log_append append to logfile (default: truncate)
--loglevel=LEVEL define log level (default: INFO)
-i, --interactive=0|1 run script interactively (default: true)
-h, --help, -? print help (this message)
This script reads gene, transcript and exon scores from serialised
ScoredMappingMatrix files and dumps the data (old_internal_id, new_internal_id,
score) to a text file for debugging.
Note that if you ran the ID mapping with loglevel=DEBUG, these dummps are
generated automatically so you won't need to run this script.
=head1 LICENCE
This code is distributed under an Apache style licence. Please see for details.
=head1 AUTHOR
Patrick Meidl <>, Ensembl core API team
=head1 CONTACT
Please post comments/questions to the Ensembl development list
use strict;
use warnings;
no warnings 'uninitialized';
use FindBin qw($Bin);
use Bio::EnsEMBL::Utils::ConfParser;
use Bio::EnsEMBL::Utils::Logger;
use Bio::EnsEMBL::Utils::ScriptUtils qw(path_append);
use Bio::EnsEMBL::IdMapping::ScoredMappingMatrix;
# parse configuration and commandline arguments
my $conf = new Bio::EnsEMBL::Utils::ConfParser(
-SERVERROOT => "$Bin/../../../..",
-DEFAULT_CONF => "$Bin/default.conf"
'mode=s' => 0,
'dumppath|dump_path=s' => 1,
'chromosomes|chr=s@' => 0,
'region=s' => 0,
'biotypes=s@' => 0,
# set default logpath
unless ($conf->param('logpath')) {
$conf->param('logpath', path_append($conf->param('dumppath'), 'log'));
# get log filehandle and print heading and parameters to logfile
my $logger = new Bio::EnsEMBL::Utils::Logger(
-LOGFILE => $conf->param('logfile'),
-LOGAUTO => $conf->param('logauto'),
-LOGAUTOBASE => 'dump_scores',
-LOGAUTOID => $conf->param('logautoid'),
-LOGPATH => $conf->param('logpath'),
-LOGAPPEND => $conf->param('logappend'),
-LOGLEVEL => $conf->param('loglevel'),
-IS_COMPONENT => $conf->param('is_component'),
# initialise log
my $dump_path = path_append($conf->param('dumppath'), 'matrix');
# genes
my $gene_matrix = &read_matrix('gene');
&dump_scores('gene', $gene_matrix);
# transcripts
my $transcript_matrix = &read_matrix('transcript');
&dump_scores('transcript', $transcript_matrix);
# exons
my $exon_matrix = &read_matrix('exon_overlap');
my $exonerate_matrix = &read_matrix('exon_exonerate');
&dump_scores('exon', $exon_matrix);
# finish logfile
### END main ###
sub read_matrix {
my $type = shift;
my $matrix = Bio::EnsEMBL::IdMapping::ScoredMappingMatrix->new(
-DUMP_PATH => $dump_path,
-CACHE_FILE => "${type}_matrix.ser",
my $cache = $matrix->cache_file;
if (-s $cache) {
# read from file
$logger->info("Reading $type scoring matrix from file...\n", 0, 'stamped');
$logger->debug("Cache file $cache.\n", 1);
$logger->info("Done.\n\n", 0, 'stamped');
} else {
$logger->warning("No cache file found at $cache.\n");
return $matrix;
sub dump_scores {
my $type = shift;
my $matrix = shift;
$logger->info("Dumping $type scores to file...\n", 0, 'stamped');
my $debug_path = path_append($conf->param('dumppath'), 'debug');
my $logfile = "$debug_path/${type}_scores.txt";
open(my $fh, '>', $logfile) or
throw("Unable to open $logfile for writing: $!");
foreach my $entry (@{ $matrix->get_all_Entries }) {
print $fh ($entry->to_string."\n");
$logger->info("Done.\n\n", 0, 'stamped');
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