Commit ea744bd7 authored by Kieron Taylor's avatar Kieron Taylor 😠
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One more blunder in the saga that is alt_allele branch merge.

parent a9f80e01
......@@ -922,6 +922,23 @@ CREATE TABLE alt_allele (alt_allele_id INT UNSIGNED AUTO_INCREMENT,
@column attrib Enum of attributes assigned to alternative alleles
CREATE TABLE alt_allele_attrib (alt_allele_id INT UNSIGNED,
KEY aa_idx (alt_allele_id,attrib)
) COLLATE=latin1_swedish_ci ENGINE=MyISAM;
@table alt_allele_group_id
@desc A minimal table used for tracking unique alt_allele_group_id's. MySQL does not allow multiple autoincrement fields. Further information about a group could be added here at a later date.
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