Commit ef4bc069 authored by Will Spooner's avatar Will Spooner
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Added get_all_DASFeatures call

parent 5cd1f325
......@@ -906,6 +906,33 @@ sub get_all_DBLinks{
=head2 get_all_DASFeatures
Arg [1] : none
Example : $features = $prot->get_all_DASFeatures;
Description: Retreives a hash reference to a hash of DAS feature
sets, keyed by the DNS, NOTE the values of this hash
are an anonymous array containing:
(1) a pointer to an array of features;
(2) a pointer to the DAS stylesheet
Returntype : hashref of Bio::SeqFeatures
Exceptions : ?
Caller : webcode
sub get_all_DASFeatures{
my ($self,@args) = @_;
my %das_features;
foreach my $dasfact( $self->adaptor()->db()->_each_DASFeatureFactory ){
my @featref = $dasfact->fetch_all_by_DBLink_Container( $self );
$das_features{$dasfact->_dsn} = [@featref];
return \%das_features;
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