Commit fa19423d authored by Dan Sheppard's avatar Dan Sheppard
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Don't try to lock or seek on logs to teletypes or pipes. Because you can't

and you don't want to die.
parent 0af8360e
......@@ -1200,8 +1200,11 @@ sub log {
sub lock_log {
my ($self) = @_;
flock($self->{'_log_filehandle'},LOCK_EX) || die "Cannot lock log";
seek($self->{'_log_filehandle'},0,SEEK_END) || die "Cannot seek log";
my $fh = $self->{'_log_filehandle'};
return if -t $fh or -p $fh; # Shouldn't lock such things
flock($self->{'_log_filehandle'},LOCK_EX) || die "Cannot lock log: $!";
seek($self->{'_log_filehandle'},0,SEEK_END); # fail ok, prob not reg file
=head2 unlock_log
......@@ -1212,6 +1215,9 @@ sub lock_log {
sub unlock_log {
my ($self) = @_;
my $fh = $self->{'_log_filehandle'};
return if -t $fh or -p $fh; # We don't lock such things
# flush is implicit in flock
flock($self->{'_log_filehandle'},LOCK_UN) || die "Cannot unlock log";
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