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its a start but needs alot more work

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#Get the sequence data. Should be able to down load fasta later but for now do it manually.
mfetch -d embl -v fasta AC093223.3 AC145145.2 AC144587.2 AC142525.2 AC139494.2 AC118459.2 AC139500.2 AC108108.2 AC138827.3 AC146335.1 AC139463.2 AC138832.2 > seq.fasta
Get the mappings
In Genome workbench click on Patch Scaffolds and export agp.
to get hap -> contig
See file thjat was attached to get ref->hap mappings.
NOW use....
gunzip alt.scaf.fa.gz
gunzip alt.scaf.agp.gz
use Bio::EnsEMBL::Registry;
use strict;
my $pass = shift;
my $fasta_file = shift || "alt.scaf.fa";
my $mapping_file = shift || "alt.scaf.agp";
my $txt_file = shift || "alt_scaffold_placement.txt";
my $dbname = shift || "ianl_homo_sapiens_core_57_37b";
my $host = "ens-research";
my $user = "ensadmin";
#connect to the database
my $dba = new Bio::EnsEMBL::DBSQL::DBAdaptor(
'-host' => $host,
'-user' => $user,
'-pass' => $pass,
'-dbname' => $dbname,
'-species' => "load"
#Load fasta sequences first. Keep a record of the first so that if things
#go wrong we can delete what has already been done.
my $sth = $dba->dbc->prepare("select max(seq_region_id) from seq_region")
|| die "Could not get max seq_region_id";
$sth->execute || die "priblkem executing";
my $max_seq_region_id;
$sth->bind_columns(\$max_seq_region_id) || die "problem binding";
$sth->fetch() || die "problem fetching";
my $start_seq_region_id = $max_seq_region_id;
print "starting new seq_region at seq_region_id of $max_seq_region_id\n";
print "\nTo reset\ndelete from dna where seq_region_id >= $start_seq_region_id\ndelete from seq_region where seq_region_id >= $start_seq_region_id\n\n";
my ($chr_coord_id, $contig_coord_id);
$sth = $dba->dbc->prepare('select coord_system_id from coord_system where name like ? and attrib like "%default_version%"')
|| die "Could not prepare coord_system sql";
$sth->execute("chromosome") || die "Could not execute coord_system sql";
$sth->bind_columns(\$chr_coord_id) || die "What a bind NOT";
$sth->fetch() || die "Could not fetch coord_system_id";
$sth->execute("contig") || die "Could not execute coord_system sql";
$sth->bind_columns(\$contig_coord_id) || die "What a bind NOT";
$sth->fetch() || die "Could not fetch coord_system_id";
my $get_seq_region_sth = $dba->dbc->prepare("select seq_region_id, length from seq_region where name like ?")
|| die "Could not prepare get_seq_region";
my $insert_seq_region_sth = $dba->dbc->prepare("insert into seq_region (seq_region_id, name, coord_system_id, length) values(?, ?, ?, ?)") || die "Could not prepare seq_region insert sql";
my $insert_dna_sth = $dba->dbc->prepare("insert into dna (seq_region_id, sequence) values (?, ?)")
|| die "Could not prepare insert dna sql";
if(!defined($chr_coord_id) or !defined($contig_coord_id)){
die "No coord_system_id for chromosome ($chr_coord_id) or contig ($contig_coord_id)\n";
# Store contigs as seq_region + dna.
open(FASTA, "<".$fasta_file) || die "Could not open file $fasta_file";
open(MAPPER,"<".$mapping_file) || die "Could not open file $mapping_file";
my $seq = "";
my $name = undef;
my $version = 0;
my %name2id;
if($_ =~ /^>(\S*)/){
# print $1."\t".$2."\n";
load_seq_region($name, \$seq);
$name = $1;
$version = $2;
$seq = "";
$seq .= $_;
load_seq_region($name, \$seq);
close FASTA;
# Create haplotype seq_region (calulate length from mapping data)
next if($_ ~= /^#/); #ignore comemnts
# add mappings
# First the ref -> haplotype mappings
# Then haplo -> contig mappings
# create haplotype in assembly_exception
#Do these things just have names or versions too?
sub load_seq_region{
my $name = shift;
my $seq = shift;
my ($tmp_id,$tmp_len);
|| die "Could not execute get seq_region for $name";
|| die "Could not bind get_seq_region";
# || die "Could not fetch seq_region id for name $name";;
if($tmp_len == length($$seq)){
print "seq region $name already found and in database\n";
$name2id{$name} = $tmp_id;
die "Seq region found for $name but not the same length. In datatabse length = $tmp_len and in the new fasta file ".length($$seq);
print "adding new seq region $name length of sequence = ".length($$seq)."\n";
$insert_seq_region_sth->execute($max_seq_region_id, $name, $contig_coord_id, length($$seq))
|| die "Could not insert seq region for $name";
$insert_dna_sth->execute($max_seq_region_id, $seq)
|| die "Could not add seq for $name";
$name2id{$name} = $max_seq_rgion_id;
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