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    Fix tests (#20) · c3f5a852
    Andrey Azov authored
    -  Update configuration files for running tests properly (tsconfig and webpack)
    Fix tests for the following components:
    -  Content
    - Root
    -  Launchbar
    - BrowserNavIcon
    - BrowserNavBar
    - Header (note: deleted a couple of tests)
    - HeaderButtons (note: skip test for calling the toggleAccount function; unsure about current behaviour of the component)
    - BrowserBar
    - App
    Delete useless tests:
    - Browser (remove snapshot test; will try to come up with more useful tests)
    - BrowserImage (current tests don’t do anything useful; proper testing will be difficult, because this component extensively uses custom events)
    - LaunchbarContainer
    - LaunchbarIcon (they were copy-pasted tests for LaunchbarContainer anyway)
    - browserActions and headerActions (tests were essentially testing the library we use to generate actions; and we shouldn't be testing third-party libraries)
    - headerReducer and browserReducer (reducers are very simple and hardly need testing)
    - browserSelectors and headerSelectors (test are very simple and testing things that Typescript will report anyway)