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Minor README updates

- Add travis build status badge
- Update description of current status
- Add note about upstream golang OSX+cgo issue with <1.8.1
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# kubecfg
[![Build Status](](
A tool for managing Kubernetes resources as code.
`kubecfg` allows you to express the patterns across your
......@@ -8,10 +10,8 @@ services, and then manage those templates as files in version control.
The more complex your infrastructure is, the more you will gain from
using kubecfg.
Status: This is a golang-rewrite of The original version has a few
additional features, but the golang version will feel more similar to
`kubectl` and is the focus of future development.
Status: Basic functionality works, and the tool is usable. The focus
now is on clearer error reporting and advanced features.
Yes, Google employees will recognise this as being very similar to a
similarly-named internal tool ;)
......@@ -30,6 +30,9 @@ To build from source:
Requires golang >=1.7 and a functional cgo environment (C++ with libstdc++).
Note that recent OSX environments
[require golang >=1.8.1]( to
avoid an immediate `Killed: 9`.
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