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      Merge pull request #245 from hausdorff/parsing-tests · 01437d9a
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      Test all branches of GH URI-parsing code
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      Test all branches of GH URI-parsing code · d54aeb39
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      When a user adds a registry (e.g., through a command like `ks registry
      add`, or implicitly through `ks init`) we must parse a URI pointing at
      registry hosted on github.com, since we currently only support the
      `"github"` protocol.
      This logic is somewhat complex, since we must
        1. infer the location of a `registry.yaml` file given the URI, and
        2. accept and parse a broad set of URIs a user might provide.
      For example, consider the following valid URIs, and what we do to infer
      the location of the `registry.yaml` file that specifies a registry:
        URIs with an explicit `registry.yaml`:
        URIs with an implicit `registry.yaml`:
        URIs with different protocols (or no protocol specified)
      And so on.
      Because this parsing logic has many branches, it is important for us to
      test every branch, so that the user is not surprised when a command like
      `registry add` doesn't work.
      This commit will introduce such tests.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAlex Clemmer <clemmer.alexander@gmail.com>
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