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  • release-1.0
    Release release-1.0
  • release-0.2
    1265a35d · Merge branch 'dev' ·
    first public release along with carbohydrate remediation.
  • release-0.3
    ffeb391c · Merge branch 'dev' ·
    * improved layout (cleaner binding site depiction)
    * changed the way residues and edges are highlighted to improve clarity of busy scenes
    * changed the way residue labels (new font) are drawn and highlighted (no more _1 and _N anymore)
    * improved atom labels on ligand depiction (fixed interaction edges interfering with atom labels in certain cases)
    * improved error handling
    * improve testability in different environments (prod, dev int)
    * fixed node flickering on certain molstar events
    fixed edge flickering on certain edge cases
    * reinitialize bound molecule view when user moved from bound molecule level to bound ligand.
    * fixed broken ‘save SVG’ option
    * add more info to help
  • v.0.1