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Better queries for setting up the batch jobs

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......@@ -81,16 +81,27 @@ in bash
a) Create one analysis for the SystemCmd module
mysql -h HOST -u USER -pSECRET hive_test1 \
-e "INSERT INTO analysis(logic_name, module) VALUES ('SysmtemCmd', 'Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::RunnableDB::SystemCmd')"
mysql -h HOST -u USER -pSECRET hive_test1
mysql> INSERT INTO analysis(logic_name, module)
VALUES ('SysmtemCmd', 'Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::RunnableDB::SystemCmd');
b) Add as many jobs as needed
mysql -h HOST -u USER -pSECRET hive_test1 \
-e "INSERT INTO analysis_job (analysis_id, input_id) VALUES ('1', 'echo 1')"
mysql> INSERT INTO analysis_job (analysis_id, input_id)
SELECT analysis_id, 'echo 6' FROM analysis WHERE logic_name = 'SystemCmd';
mysql> quit
c) Synchronise the eHive database -url mysql://USER:SECRET@HOST/hive_test1 --sync
d) Change the number of concurrent workers
mysql -h HOST -u USER -pSECRET hive_test1
mysql> UPDATE analysis, analysis_stats SET hive_capacity = 100
WHERE analysis.analysis_id = analysis_stats.analysis_id AND logic_name = 'SystemCmd';
mysql> quit
5) Run hive (queen and workers) through a beekeeper
eg: -url mysql://USER:SECRET@HOST/hive_test1 -loop -url mysql://USER:SECRET@HOST/hive_test1 -loop
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