Commit 7919b913 authored by Ian Longden's avatar Ian Longden
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Fix for split_Slices seq_region_lenght should be for the whole seq region not just for the slice

parent dd64a05e
......@@ -117,13 +117,12 @@ sub split_Slices{
#any remainder gets added to the last slice of the seq_region
$end = $slice->end if($i == $number-1);
push @out, Bio::EnsEMBL::Slice->new
(-START => $start,
-END => $end,
-STRAND => 1,
-SEQ_REGION_NAME => $slice->seq_region_name,
-SEQ_REGION_LENGTH => $length,
-SEQ_REGION_LENGTH => $slice->seq_region_length,
-COORD_SYSTEM => $slice->coord_system,
-ADAPTOR => $slice->adaptor);
$start += $multiple + 1;
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