1. 30 Nov, 2017 6 commits
  2. 29 Nov, 2017 9 commits
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      Merge pull request #174 from jessicayuen/pr-153 · 1047d801
      Jess authored
      Rewrite integration tests to support ksonnet.next application structure
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      Merge pull request #179 from abiogenesis-now/jyao/docs-for-ks-generate · b284e1ba
      Jessica Yao authored
      [docs] Fix CLI reference for `ks-prototype`
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      fix cli docs for ks-prototype · 7d9f57ae
      Jessica Yao authored
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJessica Yao <jessica@heptio.com>
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      Rewrite integration tests to support ksonnet.next application structure · d8734edd
      Jessica Yuen authored
      ksonnet.next is centered around the application directory structure
      generated during init, however the integration tests are still tightly
      tied to the model from kubecfg, where the '-f' flag was the standard and
      environments were not introduced.
      This commit will add test fixtures to mock a ksonnet application
      structure, and rewrite the existing apply and delete tests to support
      this new model.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJessica Yuen <im.jessicayuen@gmail.com>
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      Only overwrite namespace, server if not explicitly specified · fccf212e
      Jessica Yuen authored
      Currently, namespace and server is being overwritten by the environment
      despite the user explicitly passing in the `--namespace` flag.
      Ex: during `ks apply dev --namespace=ns2`, `ns2` should take preference
      to the namespace specified by the dev environment.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJessica Yuen <im.jessicayuen@gmail.com>
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      💪 Make env-name a required param in "env commands" · 4923a3f5
      Alex Clemmer authored
      Fixes #100.
      This commit will transition the ksonnet CLI away from accepting either a
      list of files or an environment (or both). A detailed explanation
      Historically, the ksonnet CLI has had several "environment commands".
      These commands (e.g., `apply`, `diff`, `delete`, `show`, etc.) all took
      one of the following:
        1. An environment name. For example, `apply us-west/dev` will `apply`
           everything in the `components/` directory to the cluster denoted by
        2. A set of files. For example, `apply -f foo.jsonnet -f bar.jsonnet`
           would apply those two specific Jsonnet files to the server
           specified by the current context in $KUBECONFIG.
        3. Both an environment name and a set of files. For example,
           `apply us-west/dev -f foo.jsonnet -f bar.jsonnet` would `apply`
           those two files to the cluster denoted by the `us-west/dev`
      This "duality" remained in place primarily because it was important for
      the ksonnet CLI to maintain functional compatibility (though not strict
      CLI-level app compatibility) with the kubecfg tool.
      Some time ago the ksonnet CLI was forked from the kubecfg CLI, but it is
      only in this commit that we abandon this duality. Specifically, this
      commit will _require_ the environment name for all commands. For
      example, the form of `apply` will now be:
      `apply <env-name> [-f <file>]`.
      There are main parts to this:
        1. Refactoring core abstractions that supports this "duality".
           Specifically, removing the `cmd.envSpec` type and several
           functions, such as `cmd.parseEnvCmd`.
        2. Updating the tests to reflect this new directory structure.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJessica Yuen <im.jessicayuen@gmail.com>
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      Merge pull request #176 from bryanl/ks-init-dir · d8f063e4
      Bryan Liles authored
      Add support for custom directory location for ks app
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      Add support for custom directory location for ks app · a02fffb3
      bryanl authored
      * If custom dir is relative, it is created relative to CWD
      * if custom dir is absolute, it is created at the specificed location
      * if custom dir is not specified, a directory created at CWD/app-name is created
      Signed-off-by: default avatarbryanl <bryanliles@gmail.com>
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      Merge pull request #175 from abiogenesis-now/jyao/remove-diff-command-from-example · f69c990e
      Jessica Yao authored
      [docs] Remove diff command in example
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